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No one like a TikTok prank. Least of all a top-ranked UFC fighter.

Jalin Turner, 11th in the UFC’s lightweight ladder, takes on Dan Hooker in this weekend’s UFC 290 in the T-Mobile Arena — but he almost got in some early work this week after footage emerged of him reacting to a social media prankster on the Vegas strip.

The clip, which was posted online, shows Turner and his support team descending an escalator in Sin City, when a man who mimes that he is making a telephone call loudly says “I’m gonna tell you right now, I’ll smack the f*ck out of him and his f*cking boys.”

Unimpressed by the exchange, Turner grabs the prankster by his throat prompting him to utter the classic “it’s a prank, bro” line.

Explaining the situation to the media in Las Vegas ahead of this weekend’s fight, Turner said: “He said something, and I grabbed him. [He was] lucky it was fight work or I probably would have thrown some hands but, you know, it’s OK.”