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Irish MMA fighter Ryan Curtis is continuing his recovery from the severe spinal injury he sustained in January. 

The flyweight, who has competed for both Bellator and Cage Warriors in his 11-fight professional career, received what was described as “life altering” back and spinal injuries in a freak training accident earlier this year as he prepared for a bout with Italy’s Davide Scerano scheduled for February, and has been undergoing rehabilitation in hospital ever since.

In recent days, Curtis — who has a young family — has provided updates to social media, with one such clip showing him using a cycling machine from his hospital bed as he works to regain his range of movement.

And in a video posted to Twitter on Monday by Cage Warriors, Curtis’ recovery has continued to the point that he is able to walk on his feet once again.

“I could barely close my eye lids by myself at the beginning never mind even wiggle my toes, Not one thing could I move. Now here I am cycling,” Curtis wrote on social media 13 weeks ago.

“’It was a really bad accident it doesn’t look good, We don’t know if you will ever walk again’”.

“I just said don’t worry about it il take it from here, I know what I can do. I can imagine a lot of people on here writing me off too. Great! Because it’s a good job you only need one person to believe in you and that’s yourself.

“With visualisation, belief and hard work I am getting stuff back daily. I am still a long way away from where I need to be but I’m a long way away from where I was and that’s all that matters.”