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Conor McGregor achieved a long-held ambition last month.

In a career littered with achievements in both the athletic and business world, McGregor has long indicated a desire to become a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu — a feat he achieved in early September by his coach at SBG Ireland, John Kavanagh.

“It’s not normal to give out a belt during the no-gi class but nothing about this man’s career, or life, has been normal,” Kavanagh said at the time during a session at the SBG Ireland HQ in Dublin. “An incredible exponent of martial arts his whole life. He obviously excelled in the professional area, but for me it’s his interest, his passion for the day-to-do, whether it’s working with a new guy or training with pros… and for me it’s a huge pleasure to give a longtime student, but also one of my best friends, Conor McGregor.”

McGregor responded: “Thank you so much John for everything over the years. It’s just great to be home, great to bring another UFC talent (Ian Machado Garry) and see all the talent here in the gym. I’m with SBG for life, and I appreciate this. It means the world to me, thank you so much. I’ve been doing this a long time. It’s my life. To get it off John… It’s deeper when you get a black belt off John. There’s not many black belts off Coach Kavanagh. It means the world to me.”

And judging by the latest video as released by The Mac Life’s YouTube channel, McGregor has been putting that black belt to good use. Check out the latest clip of him rolling below: