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It has been a long time coming but Michael ‘Venom’ Page can call himself an unbeaten UFC welterweight.

The Briton, who for more than a decade was a member of Bellator’s roster, successfully outpointed Kevin Holland at UFC 299 in Miami, Florida late on Saturday night. The ten-time world kickboxing champion showcased his sometimes bizarre, eye-catching style to flummox the 37-fight veteran in what was a conclusive, if somewhat unsatisfying performance given that the Englishman was unable to land a conclusive, fight-ending blow despite appearing to be a step ahead of Holland throughout.

And speaking to the media, including The Mac Life afterwards, MVP admitted that his performance wasn’t quite as well-oiled as he would have liked.

“It’s weird because from start to finish, I felt confident, but when I got in there… it wasn’t like I wasn’t confident, I was still feeling confident but my body just wasn’t functioning in the way I wanted it to,” Page told the assembled reporters. “I don’t know what it was down to, but it’s the first one. I did what I needed to do to win.”

In the key exchanges though, Page said that he was the quicker, sharper fighter: “I felt miles better than him, I just felt like I could have done a lot more and definitely have got the finish if I was in order, but we got the dub.”

For much of the 15-minute bout, Holland appeared flustered with his inability to close the distance and land strikes of his own — an unusual development for the 6ft 3in fighter who has a huge 81in reach for the 170-pound division.

“I could definitely see he was frustrated,” MVP recalled of the fight. “From the outside looking in, it’s easy to go, ‘Oh I’ll just do this. Just kick his leg and do this.’ Then when you’re actually in there, the reality check is real. I am a lot faster than it may seem. People can say, ‘Oh yeah, I can see that he’s fast,’ but when I actually hit you with something, it’s really fast when you’re trying to land shots and nothing is landing.

“He’s used to being in a fight, and that’s what he feeds off. I’m used to not being in a fight. I’m just used to beating people up, so it just worked better for me.”

Check out Page’s full comments in the video above.