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Of all the ways to make an impression in your boxing debut, this is certainly one of them.

Last weekend, Polish MMA veteran Marcin Sianos took on the 9-0 pro boxer Artur Bizewski in what was Sianos’ first foray inside the ropes and, well, he might be well-advised to take another look at the Marquess of Queensberry Rules where he would find that, believe it or not, takedowns and ground n’ pound are not permitted within the sport’s generally accepted ruleset.

The bizarre moment occurred in the second round of their bout and saw Sianos secure a double-leg takedown, move to mount and land at least one elbow which rendered the unbeaten Bizewski unable to continue — with Sianos swiftly disqualified and forced to flee the ring amid protestations from irate fans.

On Sunday, Sianos posted a lengthy apology to social media in which he said that he had no explanation for his actions and that he deserved the diaqualification.

“I sincerely apologise for my unsportsmanlike behaviour in the ring… there is no explanation for it, it is reprehensible and I clearly deserved disqualification,” he wrote, after translation.

“Throughout the entire difficult preparation period, a similar situation never occurred during any sparring session. I didn’t knock anyone down, let alone hit anyone with elbows, we trained in clean boxing. I myself cannot explain my behaviour yesterday.”