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Ahead of his comeback to the cage for the first time in almost three years at UFC 303 in late June, Conor McGregor says that he bears no animosity towards his opponent Michael Chandler.

McGregor, the biggest star in mixed martial arts history, has been central to some of the UFC’s most iconic — and often heated — rivalries in his decade-long tenure with the organisation. With Chandler though, a fighter with whom he has shared space with on numerous occasion during their opposing coaching duties on last year’s season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ McGregor says he is motivated entirely by competition.

“I don’t think I will go to that level again,” McGregor exclusively told The Mac Life on Tuesday of some of his past rivalries. “It doesn’t serve a purpose. It doesn’t serve me well, you know. Like I said, you remain cold to the situation. You remain emotionless.”

“It’s a blank face and a specific body type,” McGregor added. “He has his set movements, his set patterns he moves in, and his set shots. I’m aware of them, and I’m preparing for a multitude of outcomes. I’m as ready as I can be, and I’m confident all my shots will land.”

McGregor’s absence from the UFC, largely due to the leg injury he sustained in the Octagon in the summer of 2021, is close to an end — and while the circumstances around it weren’t ideal, the Irishman says that it has provided him with an opportunity to hone his skills, as well as to iron out many of the little injury niggles that practically every fighter carries with them to the cage.

“I’m calm, I’m composed,” McGregor said of his UFC return. “I’m cold in the soul for this man and this whole thing. I’m coming back with a vengeance, and I’m coming back with skill. I’m excited to show my skills. I’m at a great place mentally, physically, and spiritually. In five weeks, five days’ time, we’re back on the horse.”

In the wide-ranging, 20+ minute conversation McGregor also touched on various other topics, including his recent move to become a co-owner of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), his feature film debut ‘Road House,’ and his desire to have three fights before 2024 has concluded. Check out the entire interview in the video above.