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As Gus Johnson might say, sometimes these things happen in MMA boxing. 

On Thursday, ahead of this weekend’s boxing match between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul, the two engaged in a somewhat bizarre and at times heated press conference — but the real fireworks took place after the scheduled event had ended.

Following a brief staredown, Diaz and Paul began jawing at one another while flanked by their various security staffs and other members of their respective entourages before, somewhat predictably, both groups confronted one another. One particularly burly member of Paul’s entourage pushed a member of Diaz’s team, prompting a mass brawl — with the aforementioned member of Paul’s team seen throwing several punches in the melee.

Diaz and Paul will settle their differences in the ring in Dallas, Texas late on Saturday night ahead of what could well be another heated showdown at Friday’s weigh-in.

Check out the footage below or by clicking this link: