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If you were to conduct a snap survey among UFC fighters, you can bet that the vast majority would say that there primary ambition in the sport is to one day strap a UFC title around their waist.

But not Kevin Holland. The American fighter, generally considered to be one of the most entertaining athletes on the roster, is well known for fighting all comers — a fact reflected in him having 19 fights in the UFC despite his debut coming in 2018. This weekend, Holland will take on one of the division’s rising stars in Jack Della Maddalena in Las Vegas, with conventional wisdom saying that he would move one step closer to a potential welterweight title shot with a win against the unbeaten (in the UFC) Australian.

But Holland told the media in Las Vegas on Wednesday, including The Mac Life, that he has other ambitions for his fight career.

“Doesn’t really bother me, I’m not really the guy looking for a belt,” Holland said, as noted by “I’m just looking to stay active, I’m looking to fight anybody and everybody. I like how I get paid, and the way I get paid is to show up and to win fights. So I show up, win fights, do the contract, assassinate the person in front of me, collect my checks, and go on to the next one.”

He added: “I’m just looking forward to keeping fighting… I don’t concern myself with belts whatsoever. It’s like, guys are fighting for a title, they’re no longer in my glasses… Why are you guys so focused on the f*cking belt all the time? Excuse my language, but why are you so focused on the belt? I just told you I’m not worried about the belt, and you go back and repeat and ask about the belt.

“I’m not worried about the belt. Why are you so worried about the belt? You don’t even fight for a living, why are you worried about the belt?”