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You know that feeling of second-hand embarrassment?

Well, if you didn’t you probably will after watching this. Dana White is inarguably one of the most famous faces in mixed martial arts, with few figures in the sport’s ecosystem eclipsing the impact that he has had one MMA over the past three decades — particularly if you remove fighters as a variable in the equation.

But there is one person on the UFC payroll whose own fame supersedes even that of his boss: one of the world’s most well-known podcasters, Joe Rogan. And this appears to have been an issue for former ESPN anchor Sage Steele who on TWO occasions appeared to mix up White with his longtime colour commentator during a recent interview; a clip which has since gone viral online.

“Last question: What’s Joe Rogan’s dream?” Steele asks White, who for some reason is not wearing shoes, towards the end of the interview.

“What’s JOE ROGAN’S dream?” responds White.  “Did you just think I was Joe Rogan? She just called me f*cking Joe Rogan. You thought I was f*cking Joe Rogan? I was bald before Joe was ever bald!”

Earlier in the same interview, Steele also referred to White as “Joe” — suggesting that she went through the entirety of the near 90-minute not entirely sure who she was speaking to.

If Sage Steele is anything like the rest of us, her brain will randomly remind her of this gaffe for the next two decades or so.