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Where have we seen this one before?

Ilia Topuria, who challenges Alexander Volkanovski for the UFC featherweight title this weekend in Anaheim, California, channeled his inner Conor McGregor at Thursday evening’s press conference ahead of Saturday night’s showdown, stealing the reigning champion’s world title at the conclusion of a wild press conference — which also featured Volkanovski reference speculation that he is ‘too old’ for the 27-year-old undefeated challenger.

The Australian champion entered the stage wearing attire more appropriate for a man 30 years his senior — and on one occasion, even jokingly nodded off on stage.

“Like I said, you may as well take advantage of it now,” Volkanovski said to Topuria after the belt-stealing incident. “You’re never going to see at again, not until I teach you a lesson. Maybe one day you can be a great champion. I’m going to kick your ass first. You’ll learn your lesson. Maybe you can bounce back after that. But until then, get your hands off my belt.”

Check out the full press conference below: