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Francis Ngannou packs more of a punch than both Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, according to footage of his latest assault on a punching machine.

The Predator, who fights Joshua in Saudi Arabia in just over a week’s time, has long been considered to have the heaviest hands in mixed martial arts and the evidence from his professional boxing debut last year against Tyson Fury showed that this power translated very well to the boxing ring.

Previous studies into Ngannou’s formidable power have shown him to have around about the same horsepower in his fists as a family car, or around 51,064 foot pounds/per second.

But what does that actually look like on a punching machine? See for yourself below.

The brief clip posted to social media by Ngannou late on Monday shows him cracking the machine with a right hand, with it registering a score of ‘999’ — the maximum score that the punching machine can display.

By comparison Joshua, his opponent on March 8, has scored 965 (on a different machine, it must be noted) while Tyson Fury, the sole boxer to have felt Ngannou’s power in the ring, scored 993, according to a prior report by the Daily Mail.

And if the boxing novice can land one of those blows on Joshua, a two-time former heavyweight champion, Ngannou believes that the Briton would struggle to rise from the canvas.

“Tyson Fury has shown that he is very durable,” Ngannou said recently. “I saw him come back from the knockout where no one saw him come back. So I think he’s probably one of the most resilient people in the game. And that’s no disrespect to Anthony Joshua. I don’t think AJ can take what Tyson took. He doesn’t have as much chin as Tyson Fury.”