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Leave the action to the athletes inside the cage, folks.

Last weekend’s UFC 302 card from Newark, New Jersey didn’t quite deliver on the pre-fight intrigue (save for an exciting main event title bout).

The event didn’t feature a single knockout (or TKO) in its 12 fights, despite suggestions that the newly-redesigned UFC gloves may lead to more concussive shots given suggestions from some fighters that they don’t have as much padding around the knuckle area as the previous iteration.

But despite that, there was one knockout shot inside the arena late on Saturday night — though this one came in a crowd brawl, a video clip of which has gone viral in the past 24 or so hours.

The brief footage shows two fans engaged in an altercation — with one, sporting long hair and a beard, appearing to be a bit more worked up than the other.

The fracas develops to a fist-fight, with the long-haired belligerent coming off worse when he is cracked on the chin with a right hand, prompting him to fall forward head-over-heels.

Despite the one-punch KO, no-one involved in the brawl was issued with a post-fight performance bonus by the UFC brass.