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Nowadays, Conor McGregor has the bank to have pretty much whatever he wants — but as he told the GQ Sports YouTube channel, there are some things that matter more than others.

The Dubliner’s business empire has sprawled dramatically over the course of his 10+ year UFC career, which has taken him from a young man he once said he didn’t have a ‘pot to piss in’ to one of the world’s most famous athletes and, in March, a bankable Hollywood commodity ahead of his major feature film debut in the ‘Road House’ remake due for release next month.

But as part of GQ’s ‘ten things you can’t live without’ series, McGregor in the video published on Wednesday said that there are more than a few things that are vital to him, including his range of Irish whiskeys and his new Forged Irish Stout, as well as the TIDL recovery cryo spray and his Black Forge Inn pub in his native Crumlin.

Check out McGregor going through his full list in the video below: