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Anyone who has ever spent more than a few minutes on a BJJ mat probably knows what it feels like to be in a guillotine choke. 

The technique, which has led to the tap of many a tired wrestler in mixed martial arts competition who left their head where it shouldn’t be for a split second, is one of the more common submissions seen in MMA — and once it’s locked, it’s usually time to go to sleep. Like most submission techniques, though, there are escapes available if applied done at the correct moment; such as that displayed by Conor McGregor in the second round of his UFC 189 headliner fight opposite Chad Mendes in July 2015.

And judging by the video below, McGregor still has that particular escape in his box of tricks — and if you want to know how to do it for yourself, check out Coach Owen Roddy’s explainer on how to perform the technique a little bit further down the page.