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When Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Zhang Weili went to war for five rounds at UFC 248, it was hard to label either of the women the loser.

The two met each other toe to toe for 25 minutes, with Zhang Weili narrowly winning a judges decision. As is the case with other epic clashes we’ve seen in mixed martial arts, in truth the winner will be irrelevant in years to come, as fans will no doubt appreciate the grit and effort from both parties.

One image that will be remembered, however, will be the massive swelling Jedrzejczyk suffered from repeated punches to the forehead and eye. By the end of the contest, she literally looked physically deformed — perhaps making her ability to finish the fight even more impressive.

Today on social media, the former strawweight champion offered an update on her injuries, revealing the swelling has mostly subsided, but a serious amount of bruising remains.