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Any time two men at the top of a division get sat together things can get a little bit awkward, particularly if both men involved are known for being fairly vocal.

At UFC Tonight, though, things were kept relatively peaceful between UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and #4 ranked contender Gegard Mousasi. The two sat opposite one and other to discuss Mousasi’s current status in the promotion, while making sure to poke fun at the other’s expense.

“You’ve been trashing the middleweight division a lot, myself included,” Bisping said. “When I was trying to fight for the title — and I’ve been in the UFC for 11 years — when I lost some key fights, I took that on the chin. I didn’t blame the UFC, I didn’t blame other fighters. And you’ve lost some key match-ups, but yet you feel the need to talk smack about me, to talk smack about the UFC, why not just say ‘I lost that fight, I’ll focus on winning some more fights’?”

“It’s my character,” Mousasi responded. “I like to complain, and what can I say? I have a long career, I think I earned my shot already.”

“But you did get knocked out by Uriah Hall,” Bisping quickly interjected.

“Well that was fluke, you said it yourself” Mousasi said. “It happened, every time the best fighter doesn’t [always] win. It happened with you and Luke Rockhold.”

Mousasi is currently out of contract with the UFC, and is negotiating with the promotion for more money. While they are attempting to put together a bout between him and Rockhold (a contest that Mousasi is interested in), he is yet to agree terms to a new deal.

“I think I earned it by now,” Mousasi said. “I think if you’re one of the best fighters, you should get paid. Sometimes it’s about nationality, Sage Northcutt I just heard is making [$75,000 to show, $75,000 to win] and the guy is a beginner. So don’t tell me it’s a fair sport.

“I’m up there. I’ve fought ten years, I think I’ve earned what I should get.”