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Eryk Anders appears to have taken a very unfortunate leaf from the Bryce Mitchell school of home DIY book.

Anders, the UFC middleweight with a career record of 14-6 (1), posted to social media the aftermath of a run-in with a chainsaw which left his foot bloodied and with a very nasty gash which required hospital treatment, with more than a few stitches applies to stem the bleeding.

He didn’t quite explain how the accident happened other than stating that, “They don’t make left-handed chainsaws”, with the incident apparently involving the power tool slicing through his shoe, (UFC-branded) sock and, yes, also his foot.

Check out the rather graphic images below:


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It remains to be seen exactly how long the injury might keep Anders out of the training room, but it is the latest such incident involving a UFC fighter and a power tool and comes after UFC featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell accidentally drilled though his own scrotum, in perhaps the most eye-watering injury imaginable.

Anders was last in the October this past December where he was defeated by first-round submission by Andre Muniz.