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Are you starting to get the sense that Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw don’t like each other?

The two are set coach opposite teams on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, which airs later this year, and as such the two rivals have had to spend an extended period of time standing next to each other. While it might be frustrating for both of them, it’s clear to see why the UFC made the move to pair them off.

After leaving his former team Alpha Male, Dillashaw has been the recipient of numerous accusations of being a traitor (from basically every member of the Sacramento based squad).

According to Dillashaw, it’s an agenda pushed by the teams leader Urijah Faber, and in reality Garbrandt has no real reason to dislike him.

“Cody should have no involvement in this at all,” Dillashaw said during the TUF 25 media day. “He was coming in, I was on my way out, for the most part. We were never friends. It wasn’t like I did anything to dishonour him or whatever. I think it’s more Urijah pumping these guys up and continuing to push this trash and build this team, which is money in his pocket. Every guy that fights from there pays him. I think it’s him being the mastermind behind this whole thing.”

Not that Dillashaw’s opinion affects Garbrant’s. Dealing with the younger Garbrandt is a tiring experience, and one that Dillashaw seems to be exhausting — particularly in regards to the bantamweight champion’s temper.

“I gotta stay cool, calm and collected,” Dillashaw said. “Really, he’s just gonna make himself look like an ass. He’s looking so hard for a fight. He goes out of his way to be a dick, really. He has to choose which one — either be a nice guy or be a complete jerk. He’s like hot headed. He’s not smart enough to put some sentences together to try to tell you what you’re doing, rather he’ll just try to fight you. It gets aggravating and annoying. Just gotta keep your cool and stay professional. I’m a professional athlete. I got hired to do this job as a coach and I’m gonna hold myself this way, lead by example.”