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There is little doubt that Francis Ngannou faces a tall order in his forthcoming professional boxing debut against Tyson Fury — but one man who thinks that the former UFC heavyweight champion can make the contest competitive is Fury’s namesake Mike Tyson.

Tyson is working alongside Ngannou to help him prepare for the bout and is also expected to be in the Cameroonian’s corner for the October 28 fight in Saudi Arabia and says that what he has seen of the former UFC heavyweight champion thus far shows that he won’t be out his depth in a professional boxing ring.

“He’s had many professional fights, but he’s just never experienced a professional boxing match,” Tyson said to First Take. “By working with him yesterday, he has the aptitude and I see a good future in this life. It’s not going to be as one-sided as people think it is. I was speaking with Francis once he came in and I asked him ‘Are you sore today?’, and he said ‘No’.


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“That was a big mistake, but we’re going to work and we’re going to exert everything he has for this particular match. I definitely believe that it’s going to be a tougher fight than anyone thinks.”

Furthermore, Tyson added that he has relished the opportunity to help Ngannou prepare for the biggest fight of his life.

“I’m very appreciated at the fact they allowed me to do this, I want people to know I am not doing this for the money,” Tyson said. “I am doing this for the pride of Cameroon, he’s the biggest star and contributes the most to that country. They need to have a heavyweight champion and I think Francis is the man to do it.”