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A little under a year after their staredown in the BKFC ring, Mike Perry says that a bare-knuckle showdown with Conor McGregor could be a realistic possibility. 

McGregor returns to the cage this summer at UFC 303 where he will fight Michael Chandler in a five-round welterweight main event, with McGregor stating on numerous occasions that he wants to maintain an active schedule in the coming months after missing three years; mostly due to a leg injury sustained in his his last fight but also promotional requirements for his feature film debut ‘Road House.’

But while several hurdles would have to be cleared before a McGregor vs. Perry fight happens, ‘Platinum’ believes that stranger things have happened.

“I think it could be a possibility,” he said to MMA Fighting. “When my manager shared it and [he was like], ‘This will happen,’ I was like, whoa, that’s cool.

“Look, Conor likes to throw hands. He’s a great boxer. Fought Floyd Mayweather. He got a front row seat to watch my show with [Luke Rockhold] and he gave me respect by coming into the ring and giving me some of his time there. I think it would be fun and incredible.”

Former UFC fighter Perry has emerged as one of the biggest stars in bare-knuckle boxing in recent years, scoring successive wins against Julian Lane, Michael ‘Venom’ Page, Luke Rockhold and, in December, former McGregor opponent Eddie Alvarez.

“Maybe he would rip me apart with the words. I’d be there for it!” Perry predicated. “Let’s go! I’d learn a thing or two for sure, and I’d try to teach him a thing or two in the ring when it came to fighting. I wouldn’t want any excuses and I’m sure he’s so good at talking, he wouldn’t have any excuses if we did fight and it goes the way I think it would go.

“It could possibly be that big dream fight that people are waiting on. I’ll just keep winning in the meantime and keep scaring these guys from wanting to come over here and see me.”

“Conor’s a real one,” he added. “He might see the challenge there and really be interested.”