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As has been shown time and time again in combat sports (and particularly in Japan), size often doesn’t matter when the fists are flying.

Ray Sadeghi, the longtime bodyguard for Floyd Mayweather and who bizarrely refers to himself by the moniker ‘Jizzy Mack’, was knocked out by a man roughly 50-pounds lighter than him at last weekend’s Rizin event in Japan, which also saw Floyd Mayweather look less than stellar in a boxing exhibition with MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura.

Jizzy, as we will call him for the duration of this article, was soundly bested by K-1 veteran Kouzi — who usually fights in and around 135-pounds — for the duration of the fighter, before finally succumbing to a barrage of strikes from the Japanese fighter after he quickly gassed out. The finish came midway through the third round, and after Kouzi had landed a flush left hook on his apparently underprepared foe.

Jizzy had also turned his back on his opponent on several occasions throughout the bout.

Jizzy has been Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard since 2013 and was present throughout the world tour to promote Mayweather’s 2017 boxing match with Conor McGregor. He was derided by the Irishman as a ‘juicehead turkey’ during a press event in London.

It doesn’t appear that his fledgling career in the boxing ring will go very far — and after the showing in Japan, Floyd might well be having second guesses about who he wants to protect him on the streets of Las Vegas.