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Most fans of mixed martial arts shouldn’t be surprised to know Mark Hunt is less than impressed with former opponent Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC and the fight game.

Hunt and Lesnar fought back at UFC 200, after which it emerged Lesnar had failed a drugs test (for which he is currently serving a suspension). After Lesnar’s situation became clear, Hunt was publicly outraged, telling the media he was disgusted with both Lesnar and the UFC, who he deemed to be working with the professional wrestler to allow Lesnar to use banned substances.

And two years later, as Lesnar prepares for a comeback, Hunt’s opinion hasn’t changed much.

“It is what it, is man. That’s not my call, that’s just the way it is. I think it’s shit though,” Hunt said, speaking with Submission Radio. “The motherfucker’s a cheater. How is that controversy? Fucking little cunt’s fucking cheating using steroids. … The fucking is guy is cheating.

“He’s cheating and trying to hurt me and you say, ‘oh, we’re going to be nice here’. Fuck that cheater. How are you gonna be nice to the guy that is taking shortcuts, man? Don’t give him that. Why would you want to give him that sort of shit? Fuck, they don’t deserve it. You know, all these guys are just shortcut takers, and to me that’s all they’ll ever be. Nothing else.”

In an interesting dynamic, Hunt is actually still in the midst of a lawsuit against Lesnar and the UFC, after the Super Samoan alleged the UFC and Lesnar conspired together prior to Lesnar’s test failure.

According to Hunt, however, it’s not a case of wanting more money for himself, it’s just a case of wanting to see steroid users suffer consequences. Six of Hunt’s last eight opponents have all been embroiled in banned substance controversies (although Curtis Blaydes was for marijuana).

“Like I said, I didn’t want a lawsuit or a court case against any of these,” Hunt said. “I said to Dana already about the shit, you know, take that motherfucker’s money off him. Don’t give it to me, just take it off the cunt so he doesn’t get nothing.

“But he wouldn’t have it, so that’s why we’re here now. And with this lawsuit, all I’ve been trying to do is make it an even playing field. It’s not even these guys, these guys are cheating flat out and they’re still getting these opportunities. Why? Honestly?”