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Tony Ferguson is, it’s fair to say, one of the more out-the-box fighters on the UFC roster.

Whether it’s his fighting style, his training choices or his trash talk, the UFC interim lightweight champion has gotten a reputation as one of the ‘stranger’ fighters in mixed martial arts today. And, if there was ever any doubt that Ferguson thinks a little different to everyone else, then during the UFC 223 media call, he went ahead and removed it. And not just because he was working out during the whole thing.

As Khabib Nurmagomedov and he bickered back and forth, often for minutes at a time, Ferguson began spouting various insults and sayings that few else could think up. What follows is a list of some of the best ones:

  • “You’re facing the boogeyman, and I’m giving you once chance to quit and fucking retire.”
  • “I hope you got your diving in control.”
  • “I’m working out right now, what are you doing, Khabib? Stuffing your face full of Tiramisu? It’s not even Tuesday dog.”
  • “I’m gonna make you taste my jab, you’re going to taste nickels and dimes son.”
  • “I’m the only Mexican you can’t be friends with, and I’m gonna fuck you up.”
  • “Hey pussy, you still there?”
  • “I’m going to fucking break your ankles.”
  • “I can smell it through that phone, kid. That’s all I can smell, I smell fear. I smell it on you. You reek of it.”
  • “Lunatic cringe.”
  • “My hands are as big as Brock Lesnar’s. Think about that. It’s not a lie, ask Brock.”
  • “Everybody can get a belt. Not everybody can get an Ultimate Fighter trophy. I got that thing and it looks shiny man. I make that thing shine every single day.”
  • “He’s a fucking cake eater. He’s a silver spoon cake eater, and I’m about to take that spoon from him and beat him over the head with that shit.”
  • “Tiramisu, dog. Fat head. Fat head. You eat it two times before every dinner.”
  • “Let me tell you something about cross-fit.”
  • “I got a pair of sunglasses for you.”
  • “Your own people like me better than you.”
  • “I’m break your spirit, I’m going to take your soul.”
  • “I hope you like your nose in its new shape.”
  • “You’re yellow like your hat.”
  • “I’m sick of your shit, I’m sick of the hype. I can’t wait to de-rail you.”
  • “I’m going to take you in deep waters, I’m going to leave you out there with no fucking snorkel.”
  • “I’m going to write poetic justice on your face.”
  • “At the end of the day, you gotta have everyone powder your ass with baby powder and comb your own hair.”
  • “[I’m cleaning my house] like a Mexican beaner. I’ve been called every fucking name in the book.”
  • “You call yourself an eagle, but you ain’t got no wings.”
  • “You wrestle bear cubs. I’m a fucking wolverine.”
  • “I hit the bag better than Canelo.”
  • “You almost cried [against Gleison Tibau]. You lost that shit.”
  • “I’m lean, I’m mean, and I’m coming after your ass.”
  • “At the end of the day, you’re a piece of shit.”
  • “You’re on a mute, I can’t hear you. Everything you say goes in one ear and out the other. I can’t hear anything you fucking say. I can’t understand you. You mumble.”
  • “I’m going to fucking be on your fucking legs better than a panther, dude. I’m gonna take you down like a gazelle.
  • “You’re a gazelle, kid. And I’m on the hunt.”
  • “Khabib’s a plague.”
  • “I don’t need fake ass bots to follow me [on social media]. Khabib might, and his team might, but I don’t believe in that shit.”
  • “Respect your elders, son. Respect your elders.”
  • “You’re fake. You’re fat. You’re fake. [Like] tiramisu.”
  • “Bring some extra cake for me. Don’t eat that shit though, it’s bad for you. If you want, I can bring you some extra cake. I’ll bring you some flan.”
  • “Nobody fucking dances like me. I’m too sweet and too smooth for you, son. I got more rhythm than you, you flat footed duck-billed platypus.”
  • “I will post video of myself just from last night taking down some motherfuckers. Leaving my feet like Superman.”
  • “I’m feeding myself full of tiramisu. Tony’s tiramisu. Whoever wants to make it, come at me, we’ll make that shit, put it on the market. Tony’s tiramisu.”

Listen to the media call for yourself: