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Jorge Masvidal is heading to Australia next month and while he is there, he says that he wants to do his part to assist firefighters in their battle with the deadly bushfires which have been raging for months.

A staggering 9.9 million acres of bushland has been destroyed by the fires which has resulted in the deaths of numerous people, thousands of animals and the destructions of countless properties. Intense heat along with strong winds and a lack of rain in the region means that the fires are showing no sign of slowing down.

The blazes are currently being tackled by are army of firefighters, with many of them volunteers — and Masvidal says he wants to be one of those guys.

“I’ll be in #Australia in February and would like to help. Proceeds from my visit will go to help but I also want to physically help put out the fires,” he tweeted.

Masvidal’s promise of assistance comes just days after Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios pledged to donate $200 for every ace he hit in the (Australian) summer to help the fight against the bushfires, while legendary cricketer Shane Warne has also promised support.