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There was a time when a morning training session featuring Conor McGregor would be a rare treat. According to John Kavanagh, 2020 has brought with it a whole new world.

Ahead of UFC 246, McGregor promised his fans that, following his victory, he’d have a few sips of whiskey and then get straight back to training in order to keep himself sharp and ready for the next outing of his ‘season’.

According to Kavanagh, not only is McGregor back at the gym, he’s back and more raring to go than ever — so much so it could have matter altering repercussions.

“He’s actually doing 8am BJJ sessions,” Kavanagh said on his social media in response to a fan asking about McGregor’s current training. “I’m literally worried this level of focus could rip a tear in the space time continuum and lead to a complete paradigm shift of what we thought possible. First there was Newtonian then quantum, what’s next??”

Kavanagh’s surprise might be tongue in cheek, but it will still come as exciting news for fans who await McGregor’s next bout with anticipation.