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MMA fighter and boxer John Gotti III has been suspended by the Florida State Athletic Commission for his part in the in-ring altercation with Floyd Mayweather last weekend.

The bout, which was the latest in a string of Mayweather’s post-retirement exhibition matches, was a bad-tempered affair throughout, with both men exchanges an array of insults in the ring. The incident amped up in the sixth when Gotti III applied an armlock to Mayweather and appeared to refuse to release — which was enough for referee Kenny Bayless to declare that he had seen enough and call off the exhibition.

From here, all hell broke loose. Gotti III rushed Mayweather in an attempt to confront him, moments before both corners stormed the ring. And Gotti III, who is the grandson of infamous mob boss John Gotti, will have to sit out combat sports for a few months as a result, after the Florida commission released a statement on the matter.

β€œThe DBPR Florida Athletic Commission took immediate action the evening of Sunday, June 11, and suspended John Gotti III for six months,” a statement from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation read, the body which oversees the Florida State Athletic Commission.

It appears as though Mayweather has not been sanctioned as a result of the incident, which also led to a spate of fights breaking out in the arena.

The day after the fight, Gotti III said that Mayweather had made an “enemy for life”, while some members of the Gotti family were also alleged to have issued threats on social media.