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The return of the UFC’s most bankable pay-per-view commodity has gotten that bit closer after Conor McGregor confirmed that his comeback fight is set to take place this summer.

McGregor has been out of action since sustaining a serious injury to his left lower leg in his most recent bout in the cage in July 2021. Now healed and on the promotional trail of his feature film debut ‘Road House’, the UFC’s first-ever simultaneous two division champion has been actively pursuing details of his return to action — details of which, up until recently at least, had remained a mystery despite the Dubliner’s next opponent, Michael Chandler, having been announced more than a year ago.

But if there was any sort of deadlock between McGregor’s management and the UFC, that appears to have lifted according to McGregor.

“We got confirmation a few days ago that it’s all systems go,” McGregor told ESPN late on Tuesday. “And ‘The Mac,’ ‘The Notorious’ will be returning to the UFC Octagon this summer.”

While no details have been confirmed as of yet by the UFC, McGregor has previously suggested that UFC 303 on June 29 would be an ideal date for all parties.

Chandler, meanwhile, has indicated that he would be available to fight McGregor at virtually any date, even going so far as to hype up the potential clash on an episode of WWE Raw.

But with that option on the table, another is also intriguing to McGregor: completing his trilogy with Nate Diaz in a fight at the Las Vegas Sphere.

“I think that’s an absolute perfection of a fight,” McGregor said of his old rival.

McGregor, who has previously stated he has two fights remaining on his UFC contract, also referenced to ESPN the possibility of signing a new deal — though he also noted that the prospect of entering free agency remains a possibility.

“Do we sign a new deal?” McGregor stated. “Do I go? Am I a free agent? I love the UFC dearly. My heart is in the UFC — my catalogue, my life. I love everyone in the company and all the fighters and all the events and all the shows and cards. I wish to continue this. How that looks, I have no clue.”