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Ian Machado Garry has raised the stakes ahead of his proposed welterweight showdown with Colby Covington.

Last week, the American former world title challenger agreed to face Machado Garry in an upcoming bout — provided that the the Irishman agree to three specific stipulations, including turning on his social media comments and another two involving his wife, Layla.

In his own riposte on Instagram, however, Machado Garry said that Covington — loser of three of his past five bouts — is in no position to be making any such demands, and instead turned the tables on his rival to suggest that the loser of their hypothetical matchup this summer must remove their 4oz gloves after the fight and retire from the sport.

“Listen here, Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington, you are in no position to tell me what I should be doing in life,” Machado Garry said.

“You’ll do as you’re told. You gave me three stipulations, all of which had nothing to do about fighting and were all talking about my wife. I don’t know how you were raised, but women aren’t property and my wife definitely ain’t no trophy.

“You should be focusing on me,” the Dubliner added. “I am the one who’s in that octagon with you. I’m the one who’s going to punch a hole in your head. So stop swerving me and keep Layla’s name out your mouth. You’re not America’s favourite fighter. What you are is a peak under-performer.

“You’re the only person in UFC history to lose three world title fights, and you haven’t got a single win against anybody in the top 15 right now. So Colby, why should I fight you? I can think of one reason. I challenge you to an ‘I quit’ match, where one of us has to say, ‘I quit,’ and whoever says the words ‘I quit’ has to retire — gloves off, center of the octagon, sayonara, my friend.

“I’m going to be the final chapter in your legacy of failure. I’m going to rid the UFC of Colby Covington for good, and I’m going to make MMA great again.”

Former Cage Warriors champion Machado Garry is a perfect 7-0 in his UFC career to date (14-0) overall and was most recently seen in the cage scoring a split decision win against Geoff Neal last month.