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Gilbert Burns is calling bullsh*t on Colby Covington’s reasoning for his one-sided welterweight title defeat to Leon Edwards last year.

In a recent interview with Submission Radio in which he elaborated on his five-round defeat to reigning champion Edwards — the third world title fight loss of his career — Covington said that a broken foot he sustained in the opening minutes of the fight hampered his ability to push forward in his usual aggressive style.

Burns, a potential opponent for Covington and a fellow Miami resident, isn’t quite sold on Covington’s excuse.

“He was going everywhere here,” Burns told The Allstar, via MMA Junkie, of Covington’s movements post-fight. “I saw him walking everywhere. The X-ray, I don’t see his name on the X-ray. I don’t know. Then we saw him walk everywhere in Miami, playing poker, going everywhere. I didn’t see no cast, I didn’t see anything. So, I don’t know. It’s very hard to believe anything Colby says.”

Instead, Burns argues that Covington was just easily defeated by a better fighter in Leon Edwards.

“You don’t know when it’s true, you don’t know when he’s a character. I just think a lot of guys said he didn’t show up. I think he did show up, but I think Leon just shut him down and I think Leon is – people don’t give him a lot of credit, but I think he’s very, very good. He just shut the guy down.”

Burns fights Australia’s Jack Della Maddalena next month but added that he perhaps isn’t so interested in Covington down the line now that he’s a few rungs down the welterweight rankings ladder.

“I saw a couple things that he said that he might fight Ian Garry or me,” Burns said. “Is that fight still relevant? Like, the way that guy showed up, two years without fighting. I don’t know. I’m not even thinking of this guy. I called this guy out so many times. He had so many opportunities to fight me. Now my focus is on Jack.

“After Jack, we’ll see, but I’m not passing through Jack. This guy’s going to be very hungry. I don’t know. I just think Edwards shut him down real bad, and I think he’s done. Whenever after the fight he called for ‘Wonderboy’ and ‘Wonderboy’ just lost, too. It’s just like, that guy is done. He’ll never fight for the title again. So, why fight him?”