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The Battle of the Billionaires won’t be taking place in a UFC Octagon.

Dana White, who had giddily abandoned his previous opposition to so-called ‘freak show’ fights as he looked to promote a fight in a UFC cage between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, told the media this week that the proposed showdown between the two Big Tech giants is unlikely to be held in the UFC. Or, let’s face it, at all.

Earlier this summer, a social media back-and-forth between Musk and Zuck led to suggestions of a mixed martial arts fight between the two. Facebook creator Zuckerberg, who actually trains in mixed martial arts, seemed game but Musk proved to be a little more difficult to nail down, citing the requirement of surgery before he could compete.

And after previously referring to the possible bout as “the biggest fight ever in the history of the world,” Dana White looks to have lost hope.

“I never say never, but probably not,” White said to Outkick, via MMA Fighting.

“Listen, I like both guys,” White explained. “One of the things that I try not to do is judge people by — I don’t want to be judged by my politics. I’m a believer in what I believe in, and there’s certain things that I feel a certain way about, and I don’t judge people by theirs.

“I don’t know exactly where all those guys stand. I don’t get into that. How I judge people is how they are with me, and how we interact with each other.

“So I like Mark a lot, and I like Elon. Let me tell you who would win in that fight would be whatever charities were picked to donate the money to – they would be the absolute winners, because I think that thing would do a billion dollars in revenue, and they wanted 90 percent of the money to go to charity. So it would have been the biggest charity event ever held in history, especially for one night, and it would have helped a lot of people.”