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Conor McGregor will have too much for Michael Chandler when they meet in the cage in late June, according to a frequent sparring partner of the Irishman’s. 

Former PFL champion Brendan Loughnane, who has spent considerable time on the training mats with McGregor over the past few months and who has competed at the highest level of the sport, is of the opinion that Michael Chandler will be ill-equipped to deal with the Dubliner’s onslaught once the cage door close at the UFC 303 main event in Las Vegas this summer.

“I think he’s going to knock the f*ck out of Michael Chandler, just overwhelms and batters him. I think he’s too sharp and too well-rounded,” Loughnane told The Mirror.

“Chandler is going to come for a brawl but Conor is too experienced on the outside. I think he will catch him on the way in and then it’s see you later,” he added.

Loughnane, who has compiled a professional record of 27-5 in his career, elaborated on his relationship with ‘The Notorious,’ saying that he received a message from SBG Ireland head coach to arrange some training sessions while both were in Dubai.

“He’s in Dubai a lot, so am I, so I just said to John let me know when he’s there if he needs a body. Conor messaged me saying ‘What’s the craic, do you want to train?’ I said ‘Of course I want to f*cking train’ and the rest is history. Six weeks, every day and every other day we were at it. It got tasty every night, we were having a right go,” he said.

“I was thinking ‘Is he enjoying this like I am? Because I was loving it. We’ve got two world-class mixed martial artists that are just coming back to their strength again so we’re in a similar position.”

Loughnane, meanwhile, fights SBG Ireland featherweight Pedro Carvalho later on Friday at a PFL event in Chicago.