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Cain Velasquez has requested that he be allowed to perform at a pro wrestling event while on bail for attempted murder charges stemming from a February arrest.

The former UFC heavyweight champion was arrested earlier this year for engaging in a high speed pursuit of a car understood to be containing a person alleged to have abused a close relative of Velasquez, with the former UFC fighter said to have discharged a firearm during the pursuit.

Velasquez, 40, was held in police custody since his arrest until November 9 when he was released on $1 million bail but has formally requested permission from the court in Santa Clara County, California to attend the AAA wrestling event on December 3, per the conditions of his bail release.

The event is being held at the Mullett Arena in Arizona, the home of the Arizona State Wrestling Team for whom Velasquez was a two-time All American.

Velasquez has made several appearances in professional wrestling, including a brief program with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where he engaged in a storyline with Brock Lesnar, the man from whom he claimed the UFC heavyweight title back in October 2010.

Velasquez’s bail conditions mandate that he remains housebound with the exception of medical visits, with additional movement requiring the court signing off on it. He is due back in court on December 28 for another pre-trial hearing, while a decision as to whether he can perform at the pro wrestling event is expected later on Tuesday.