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The margins are small in a sport like mixed martial arts. 

Last November, it was Alex Pereira who triumphed under the bright lights in Madison Square Garden but on Saturday night in Miami it was Israel Adesanya found revenge, authored by a pair of right hands which first wobbled the Brazilian champion and then sent him tumbling to the canvas.

It was a satisfying win for Adesanya. It came after three successive defeats against Pereira in two separate codes of combat, and re-established his status as the greatest post-Silva middleweight in UFC history. Time will eventually dictate whether or not we see these two go at it once more amid suggestions that Pereira may try his hand — and that devastating left hook — at 205-pounds, but for now it is a time for reflection.

‘Poatan’ released a statement via social media soon after the contest, accompanied by a video of he and Adesanya sharing a moment of respect backstage in which he told his fans that he is in good health after the KO loss, and that gears for his next move are already turning.

“I’m just here to let u know that I’m fine! I want to thank my family, my team and all the people who are supporting me during my journey,” a message which appeared on Pereira’s Twitter account read. “Now I just have to rest and continue with the plans that are already on motion. Thanks God.”

He’ll be back in there soon enough, one suspects, but against who — and at what weight — will be a source of keen debate until then.