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Both Conor McGregor and Thor Bjornsson are athletes at the absolute pinnacle of their respective fields but when it comes down to it, both athletes seek different benefits from their training regimes.

Bjornsson, a man very much in the conversation of being the strongest man to have ever lived, undertakes a painstaking diet and training plan designed to pack on as much lean muscle as possible ahead of the Strongman contests he has dominated in recent years. McGregor, meanwhile, has a training regimen built around him to increase his pliability and overall skillset and — when it gets close to fight time — reduce his weight to as near the weight class he is competing in as possible.

So, when McGregor posted to Instagram Tuesday afternoon showing off the results of the hard work he has invested in his training recently he was met with questions from Bjornsson, a man who has body-building down to a fine art.

“I see coffee and HUGE quads. What vitamins are you on?” replied an inquisitive Bjornsson, and McGregor replied soon after with a detailed explanation.

“Thank you Thor!” McGregor wrote. “The main vitamin I am on currently is Vitamin C. Consistency! With the @tidlsport spray I feel I can just keep going. Yesterday I done a 10km run at pace. My first since the fight and my calfs were literally screaming after it. I thought for a minute oh no!

“But I done 3 rounds with the Tidl sport spray across the calfs, ankles, hamstrings and quads, and today I woke with literally zero effects of the run. I sprang from the bed ready to go again! I just can’t get over this spray man I’m telling you. It is magic! Hope all is well in the land of ice, I hope I can visit again soon! Thank you for the message!”

And let we not forget that this isn’t the first interaction between these two, either…