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Everyone needs a helping hand now and again and Conor McGregor has certainly been no stranger to helping provide financial support to those who need it in recent times. 

Fans of the Dubliner will have no doubt read reports of McGregor’s philanthropy over the years, whether it be his funding of personal protective equipment for frontline healthcare workers in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic or his continued support for first responders and, quite frankly, several other instances too innumerable to mention here.

And McGregor has kept up this trend when he was informed of a six-year-old Aaliyah who first began showing symptoms of an illness this past summer which was unfortunately later confirmed as being a brain tumour.

Aaliyah’s family launched a public crowdfunding campaign in order to arrange for her to visit the United States for expert treatment — and were amazed when McGregor confirmed that he had donated €30,000 to the campaign.

The target for the fundraiser was €40,000 but thanks to McGregor’s donation, as well as the generosity of several other people, the total raised stands over €70,000 on Saturday morning. You can show your own support for the cause by visiting the crowdfunding page here.

“Stephen, that is done! God bless this strong little lady and her family, we are with yous all the way let’s go!” McGregor wrote on Twitter  to Aaliyah’s family member.

“Omg pal you are a legend, this is going to help the family so much thank you so much you are insane!!!@TheNotoriousMMA!! Champion in every way pal!” he responded.

Everyone at The Mac Life wishes Aaliyah the best in her fight, and know that she’s more than up for the battle.