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With a lot of “diets” there are different types of food that are a staple in each particular plan. However, one of the most important aspects people should consider when it comes to creating their own nutrition plan to compliment their training routine is the health benefits attributed to each food, writes Damien Rooney.

People should try their best to add as many nutrient dense foods into their eating plan that are loaded with essential micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

There are a couple of key examples that we are going to touch on in this article. Personal taste is going to be a huge factor in this, just because something is really good for you, people have certain tastes and preferences. In my experience, one of the reasons a lot of people fall off the wagon on a lot of nutritional plans is because they are trying to force themselves to eat something they don’t like the taste of. A little bit of research into the nutritional side of food would allow them to find an alternative that is more agreeable with their pallet.

Outside of calorie count and macronutrient make up, something people should consider when they are designing their nutrition plan is also the health benefits associated with each food.

A few examples of these foods can be listed below. Obviously not all are going to suit different people’s tastes, and the nutritional protocols they are following.

But all are excellent options for people to add into their eating plans wherever applicable:


Excellent source of high quality protein, and very easy to prepare in a variety of ways. Full of vitamins such as D, B6 and B12, and minerals such as zinc and iron.


Definitely can be termed a superfood. One of the few plant based foods that is classified as a complete protein as it contains all of the nine essential amino acids. Outside of being a complete protein source it is also an excellent source of carbohydrate and loaded with a large number of vitamins and minerals.


Very easy to prepare, oats are an excellent source of carbohydrate that are full of dietary fibre, and loaded with vitamins and minerals.


Has an extremely high content of omega 3 which have been linked with improved well-being and optimal function of the body as a whole. Along with large amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, such as B-vitamins, magnesium and potassium just to give a few examples.


While it might not be to everyone’s taste you cant argue with the nutritional content of Kale. Low in calories, high in fibre and full of vitamin A, C and K.

These are only 5 examples of potential foods to introduce into your nutritional plan. Just a few examples are fruits, vegetables, legumes and animal products that all have their own specific health benefits. A little bit of research into the various foods will reveal the individual benefits of each.

It’s essential to aim to fill your plan with a variety of food that will hit your macronutrient values while at the same time having the highest possible micronutrient content to compliment and benefit your health. The little bit of research into your choices will end up being one of the most important decisions, because you will find food you enjoy eating, while at the same time complimenting your training along as your health!

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Damien Rooney has been a professional MMA fighter since 2008 and has faced the likes of Tom Duquesnoy, Neil Seery, Alan Philpott and Paddy Holohan throughout his career.