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Tyson Fury has, unsurprisingly, declined Anthony Joshua’s offer to manage his career.

Joshua, perhaps tongue in cheek, said he sees “potential” in Fury, and believes he would be able to advise ‘The Gypsy King’ on how to become a superstar — a suggestion Fury says Joshua can keep to himself.

“I do think he should come over to Matchroom and 258 Management and let us handle his career,” Joshua sid, speaking to the Daily Mail. “He’s a superstar, he’s a superstar in the making with the right management. He could go all the way.Build it up, award him Sports Personality of the Year. That video he did [on Wednesday, when he asked to be removed from the SPOTY shortlist] should be him saying, ‘I’m accepting my award’, not that, ‘I don’t want to be a part of it’.

“We’ll have a look at his PR, we’ll strip it all back and make this fight what it’s supposed to be. He’s got a lot of potential.”

After reading the comments, Fury took to his social media to rebuke his fellow heavyweight champion.

“Has it ever dawned on you I’m not interested in being a superstar, or famous, I’m a fighting man & only interested in smashing your face in, u keep the stardom, I’ll stay real, #youbigdosser I’m coming for u superstar, tick tock tick tock,” Fury wrote.

It’s all talk ahead of Anthony Joshua’s return to the ring against Kubrat Pulev this weekend. Should he win, he could move on to meet Fury in a pair of epic fights next year.