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Boxer Ryan Garcia has been expelled from the World Boxing Council (WBC) for making discriminatory and offensive statements during a rant live-streamed on social media.

Some time previously, Garcia had used a string of racist and Islamophobic slurs in a video broadcast on Elon Musk’s X social media network.

Soon afterwards, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman took to social media to announce that Garcia has been prohibited from “any activity” within the boxing organisation.

“Exercising my authority as president of the WBC, I am hereby expelling Ryan Garcia from any activity with our organisation,” Sulaiman wrote. “We reject any form of discrimination. I fear for Ryan well being as he has declined multiple attempts for our help with mental health and substance abuse.”

Garcia attempted to walk back his statements, writing on X: “I was trolling I want all the killing to stop. I love everyone, sorry if I offended you.”

Later on Thursday, Garcia’s parents issued a statement to say that they did not endorse the statements made by their son.

“Our son has recently made statements that do not align with his, or our family’s true character or beliefs. Our family unequivocally does not support any statements (Garcia) has made regarding race or religion — these do not reflect who Ryan truly is and how he was raised,” they wrote in a joint statement.

“Those who know Ryan can attest to this fact. Ryan has been open about his ongoing struggle with mental health over the years and as a family we are committed to ensuring and encouraging that he receives the necessary help to navigate this very challenging time and address both his immediate and long-term well-being. We appreciate the continued support, prayers and compassion.”

Garcia is currently serving a one-year suspension issued by the New York State Athletic Commission for failing a drugs test in and around what was originally a shock points win over the unbeaten Devin Haney in April. Garcia, who denies wrongdoing, had traces of illegal substances in both his ‘A’ and ‘B’ samples.

In June, Garcia was arrested for felony vandalism at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Los Angeles.