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Katie Taylor has experienced the biggest stages that amateur and professional boxing can conjure — but Monday’s press conference in New York was something different. 

Taylor is slated to defend her undisputed super lightweight title  in a rematch with multiple weight champion Amanda Serrano on the Mike Tyson-Jake Paul undercard this summer in Arlington, Texas in a fight in which the Bray native is to take another step towards sporting immortality by competing in what is expected to be the most-watched boxing event in history, given that it is to be streamed live on Netflix.

But before a punch is thrown in the AT&T Stadium on July 20, Taylor couldn’t quite contain her excitement at being placed next to Tyson during Monday’s press event in New York.

“He’s just a legend and icon on the sport,” Taylor told the media, including The Mac Life, at the presser.

“And I fell in love with a sport in the nineties and Mike Tyson was the biggest name of boxing during that time. He was ferocious and is super exciting to watch and he’s a real historian as well. I love your knowledge of boxing. I love listening…. I just cannot believe I’m sitting next to Mike Tyson right now. I’m pinching myself.

“This is just a dream for me. I think last year my family had said to me, what do you want to do before I retire? Is there anything I want to achieve in a sport or anybody who I’d want to meet? And one of the things I said is I’d love to meet Mike Tyson and here you beside me, an icon of the sport, a legend of the sport. And this is just incredible.”

The rematch between Taylor and Serrano follows their historic clash at Madison Square Garden in April 2022, which was won by the Irishwoman by split decision. While that first bout took place at 135-pounds, this one will be at 140 — representing a further weight chasm for Serrano to bridge, who principally competes around featherweight.

“Listen, everyone knows I’m the unified featherweight champion,” Serrano said. “I’ve said it many times, anything over that [weight], it’s hard for me. Obviously [at] 135, I [didn’t win], but for the opportunity to fight Katie Taylor, I took the fight [at] 140. Her team said, ‘you’ve got to do it at 140’.

“I really want the fight. The fight is for the fans, so greatness requires sacrifice. So once again, I’m sacrificing my body. I’m sacrificing everything to go up three divisions. The last time was two divisions. I believe I won.

“I heard Katie, I think going up another division, I can do the same thing. My power was going to come with me and this is a great opportunity for both of us and it is what it is. I just got to eat more.”