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It has been remarked on these pages on several occasions that combat sports retirements are often a very temporary measure.

Tyson Fury has become the latest to announce a forthcoming retirement, telling the media in the United Kingdom on Tuesday evening that his April 23 clash with fellow Brit Dillian Whyte will be the final time that the ‘Gypsy King’ laces up his gloves.

The fight, which will be Fury’s first on home soil since 2018, was agreed last week just hours before the contract deadline and sees Fury face off with Whyte, potentially leaving options open for a rematch between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua on the other side of what could be seen by some as an unofficial heavyweight tournament bracket.

A fight between Fury and Joshua has long been thought of as among the biggest potential box office fights available in boxing today — but on Tuesday, Fury said that he’s more than satisfied with his bank account as it stands.

“This is the final fight of my career, I’m retiring after this, $150m in the bank, healthy, young, I’m gonna buy a massive yacht abroad. I’m retiring, I’m out, this is my final fight, I’m done.”

Whyte, meanwhile, opted to skip the presser to stay at a training camp in Portugal but Fury says this was evidence of his opponent flying a ‘white flag’.

“He has definitely shown a white flag today,” Fury said. “All this social media stuff, ‘I’m not promoting the fight, I’m not getting involved in mind games. He’s given me that much more confidence it’s unbelievable.

“He’s terrified. He’s definitely showing the white flag in my estimation of this fight,” he added. “The way he’s going on about it, saying he doesn’t want to go face-to-face, of course he doesn’t, because he’ll see that fire in my eyes and he’ll think, ‘I’m getting smashed to bits’.

“That’s what it is, it’s fear, it’s terror. It’s all of the above and I don’t blame him for not being here today.”

Fury says, though, that when the time comes there will be no doubt as to who is the better boxer.

“He finally gets his shot on the biggest stage, against the biggest champion, on the biggest night. I will not fail, I’m just going to show you how great I really am,” Fury stated.

“I fought some tasty competitors over the years. I know Dillian Whyte, we go back a long way. We go back to like 2012. He’s a tough guy, he’s a good, game fighter. He will bring what he can and he will try and chin me, that’s a fact.

“He’s definitely up there with the top 10 fights I’ve had, but we’ll all find out on the night. I could say he could be No 2 or 22, but if he doesn’t perform on the night then he’ll never get the credit for it, or if I demolish him one round he’ll never get any credit, but if it’s a good fight then he’ll definitely get his credit.”