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There has been another twist in the tale of Ryan Garcia’s supposed PED violation discovered following his win last month against Devin Haney.

Garcia stunned the boxing world by winning a decision agains the previously unbeaten Haney (who retained his WBC super lightweight title as Garcia missed weight ahead of the bout). However, soon afterwards questions were asked as to the viability of the win after banned substances Ostarine and 19-Norandrosterone (which is a trace of nandrolone) were discovered in his system following a VADA drug test.

According to a report by boxing writer Dan Rafael, trace elements of 19-Norandrosterone were not discovered following additional Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) analysis.

Garcia is still on the hook, so to speak, for the Ostarine discovered in his system in tests conducted on April 19 and 20. Garcia has protested his innocence, with the findings of secondary analysis of Garcia’s b-sample expected later in May. At that point, it is expected that a decision will be made as to whether the result of the fight is changed to a no contest or if Garcia’s performance will stand as a victory in the record books.

Haney, meanwhile, has responded to Garcia’s claims on social media that the secondary analysis proves his innocence, remarking that the presence of Ostarine in his system (which promotes muscle growth) confirms that he sought an unfair advantage in the contest.

Garcia’s b-samples are expected to be analysed on May 22.